Webinar: Clean Cooking – Towards an Enabling Policy Framework

Webinar: Clean Cooking – Towards an Enabling Policy Framework

Organized by International Centre for Energy, Environment & Development in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Environment and the Clean Cooking Alliance.

Thursday, September 29, 2022 – 13.00 West African Time.

Moderator: Ewah Eleri, Executive Director, International Centre for Energy, Environment & Development.

> Sheila Mapilele, FUNAE – Fundo de Energia, Mozambique
> Jechoniah Kitala, Practical Action, Kenya
> Michael Ahimbisibwe, Clean Cooking Alliance, Uganda
> Huzi Mshelia, Nigeria
> Colm Faye, Clean Cooking Alliance


Recently, Nigeria launched an Energy Transition Plan. The Plan makes a long-term commitment to achieve carbon neutrality and end energy poverty. This will lift 100 million people out of poverty, drive economic growth, and bring modern energy services to the entire population. Providing universal access to clean cooking energy services is central to the goal of the Plan.

As part of efforts to reach national clean cooking goals, the Federal Government has committed to developing an enabling policy framework for the growth of access to clean cooking. The government has established an Inter-Ministerial Committee to develop a comprehensive clean cooking policy.

As Nigeria seeks to build a toolbox of policy instruments to achieve universal access to clean cooking, it seeks to anchor this effort on international best practices. This webinar brings together key clean cooking policy experts from Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Nepal to discuss the nuts and bolts of effective policies that enable the rapid transition to clean cooking.

What are achievable national targets? What incentives and regulations enable rapid clean cooking uptake? What is the role of the state versus the private sector? What financing mechanisms are needed? And what institutional arrangements must be in place?



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