Support an IDP, donate a stove

Support an IDP, donate a stove

ICEED is piloting Safe Access to Fuels and Energy in Malkohi IDP camp, Adamawa State where there has never been any humanitarian provision of fuel-efficient stove. In Malkohi camp, over 90% use firewood for cooking inefficiently and they were desirous of having fuel-efficient cookstoves. This project supported by Australian High Commission (AUSAID) has trained IDPs in Malkohi and host communities in the production and use of fuel-efficient cookstoves. Already these IDPs are producing high-quality efficient wood stoves.

Here is therefore an opportunity to support IDPs in the North East. ICEED calls on the general public to support these IDPs by purchasing stoves from them. Please note that you can buy as many as you can and donate to other IDP families in other camps.
To donate a stove, kindly call +234 9 783 1151 or reach us at

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  1. This is defintely one great initiative by ICEED with the immense support of AUSAID to empower the IDP. Its an initiative we urge all especially the private sector that drives growth to support in an unprecedented ways.


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