Approximately 127 million people and more than 24 million households cook inefficiently in an open fire. This traditional cooking method is a silent killer. The smoke that emanates from this method of cooking causes 78,000 deaths in Nigeria annually according to the WHO. In fact, Nigeria experiences the highest number of smoke-related deaths in Africa; after Malaria and HIV/AIDS it is the biggest killer. Traditional cooking method is also unnecessarily expensive, costing poor families’ money that could be put to better use on education, health and nutrition. It also causes deforestation and contributes to the effect of climate change.

Clean cooking will save lives, empower women, improve livelihood and combat climate change. It is a priority area in energy access that is central in achieving the goals of Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative. It is estimated that adoption of clean cooking by 30million household can reduce about 60 million1 tons of CO2e. This will result to about 15% of Nigeria’s total emission reduction target. Even though clean cooking has many benefits, the rate of adoption by households and institutions has been very slow. The reasons are many: Inadequate efforts to scale up domestic production of clean cookstoves, insufficient access to finance, inadequate awareness about the benefits of clean fuels and stoves, weak government policies, no legislative framework, poorly developed supply chain among others.

The two-day Nigeria Clean Cooking Forum brings together key policymakers, private sector leaders, foundations, research institutions, women groups and civil society stakeholders as well as international partners to discuss the implementation plans towards achieving the clean cooking targets in the NDC. It will also take stock of current status of clean cooking activities in the country, and review existing policies and practices that relate to clean cooking in Nigeria. Exhibition of clean cookstoves will take place concurrently with discussions.

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