Mfaminyen Conservation Society (MCS) is the partner of the month of January!

Mfaminyen Conservation Society (MCS) is the partner of the month of January!

Mfaminyen Conservation Society (MCS) is the partner of the month of January. The Chief Executive Officer; Linus Ita shares their activities in the clean cooking sector in this interview.

Give us a brief introduction about your organisation. What are the objectives of your organisation?

Mfaminyen Conservation Society (MCS) headed by Linus Ita was established in 2004 as a community-based organization that seeks to facilitate community development which addresses the physical needs of the Mfaminyen Communities in Akamkpa and Etung LGAs of Cross River State. The organisation was conceived to serve as a vehicle for conservation and preservation of the high tropical rainforest, one of the hot spots of the world. The organization was borne to reduce indoor air pollution by cutting down the menance of cooking with open fire (3 stone stove) and introducing efficient wood stove.
Fuel wood is the primary source of energy for households in Nigeria. Pressure in many regions has made the demand for fire wood consistently exceed the supply. Mfaminyen Conservation Society (MCS) is providing an alternative solution for a drastic reduction of fuel wood consumption in the country especially in Cross River state.

Where do you envisage your organization to be in the next 5 years in terms of production?

The locally constructed efficient wood stove “Ekwuk” is one of the conservation projects of the community. The stove is produced from 100% local content – from clay and other materials sourced locally in the communities and manufactured by community members. The stove is one of the most acceptable clean cookstoves in the locality. MCS’s target is to produce and distribute two million efficient wood stoves in the next five (5) years.

Job creation and the empowerment of women seem to be increasingly important. How has your organization helped to drive employment generation and the empowerment of women?

MCS conducts training for women and youths in the political wards of Etung L.G.A in Cross River State in clean cookstoves fabrication, distribution and sales. MCS has sold thousands of clean cookstoves in the country especially in Cross River State. The company is motivated by the fact that her efficient cookstoves is saving lives, resources, environment and empowering people especially women and youths.

If you were asked to advise the Nigerian government on policy options, what are the most important things the government is to do to expand the market?

MCS strongly believes that government has a critical role to play in the clean cookstoves industry. For example, government should fund the clean cookstoves manufacturing organizations, launch a national awareness campaign, develop legislations and enforce regulations to promote the use of clean cooking solutions.

Is there any other thing you would like to share?

MCS is a partner of the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and also maintains linkages with Clean Indoor Air Partnership, USA; Society for Ecological Restoration, USA; Prolinnova, USA; Kabissa, USA; Non-Governmental Organization Coalition for the Environment, Nigeria and Council for Renewable Energy in Nigeria.

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