GHACCO holds capacity building workshop on cookstoves

GHACCO holds capacity building workshop on cookstoves

The Ghana Alliance for Clean CookStoves and Fuels (GHACCO), has held a training workshop for manufacturers and distributors of clean and improved cookstoves in the country to sensitise them in its operations.

The training workshop was meant to enlighten the knowledge and skills of the manufacturers and distributors of the improved clean cookstoves in planning, marketing and the importance of record keeping as a business minded person.

Mr Erasmus Osei-Essah, General Manager of CookClean Ghana Limited speaking on requirements in planning and marketing said Marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand.

“Hence it is very important that dealers in clean cookstoves develop improved strategies and skills in convincing consumers to purchase and enjoy the values and benefits of accessing such cookstoves,” he said.

Mr Osei-Essah said planning is the proactive anticipation and premeditations of the future needs as well as developing specific activities to satisfy anticipated needs within a specific period of time.

He noted that people do not know that a ton of charcoal is produced from seven tons of firewood, leading to excessive deforestation that causes climate change in the country.

“The fact that a higher percentage of Ghanaians still use charcoal means deforestation cannot be totally avoided. However, if a clean cookstove is used, 50 per cent of charcoal that could be used for traditional coal pot is saved, and hence reducing the rate of deforestation in the country,” he said.

He therefore advised the public to shift from using traditional coal pots to improved clean cookstoves to save income and their health that is affected by smoke emanating from traditional coal pots when in use.

Mr William Kofi Horsu, an Executive Member of the Alliance said considering book keeping is an important part of a business to ensure its success.

He said most small and medium-sized enterprises do not write down how much money comes in and how much goes out of their business.

“They keep everything in their head as a result, and do not actually know how much money they are earning, how much they buy and sell on credit and how much they could improve their business,” he said.

Mr Horsu told participants that keeping proper books of accounts help to report accurate information to an organisation’s shareholders and stakeholders; and also helps one to fulfill legal requirement of the companies Act1963.

He advised participants to engage professionals in the preparation of their business accounts, adding: “And you will see how it will improve your businesses.”

GHACCO is an Alliance established to serve as a strong stakeholder platform to lead to catalyze the cookstoves sector.

It aims to foster the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels by four million households in Ghana and as well, distribute five million cookstoves by 2020.

The Alliance aims to become a beacon of best practice for the West African sub-region that would foster a unified vision for the sector while building a common sense of engagement by all stakeholders on the most critical actions required for universal adoption of clean cook stoves and fuels.

Hajia Fati Lamptey, 2010 Best Farmer, Nkwanta North District and a participant of the workshop, told the GNA in an interview that the training was very useful because she learnt much about how to manage small and medium size enterprise.

She said it also enlightened the participants on the importance of book and accounts keeping stressing: “We were managing the business our own way and will stay for a long period without making any sales but we hope to see improvement after this workshop.” GNA


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