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Green Energy & Biofuels (GEB) Bio-Refinery Project in Nigeria

1. Green Energy & Biofuels (GEB) has received a grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the Feasibility, Technical, Business and Environmental studies as a lead up to the construction of a Bio-Refinery in Lagos, Nigeria. GEB intends to apply the proceeds of this Grant for payments of consultancy services to be procured under this project.

2. Objective of the Project

The objective of the grant is to support the structuring of a bankable business case that is able to catalyze the commitment of financial partners for the scale up of the GEB bio-ethanol gel cookingfuel production business in Lagos. In particular, the grant will finance (i) pilot phase –encompassing the optimization of bioprocesses and the feasibility of micro refineries, (ii) Post-pilot phase – covering the technical feasibility and costing study (iii) full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (iv) business advisory services and market study.

3. The project includes the following components:

A. Pilot Phase
i. Pilot plan Assessment Activities: This component covers: (i) Raw material handling and cleaning (ii) Biomass pre-teatment long-run test (iii) Hydrolysis test (iv) Fermentation test (v) Raw material analysis (chemicals, water, etc.) (vi) Bio mass pre-teatment streams analysis (vii) Hydrolysis streams analysis (viii) Fermentation streams analysis.
ii. Pre-feasibility : This focuses on the optimisation of required processess : (i) Front-end engineering, (ii) Basic engineering (iii) Detailed engineering, (iv) Global purchasing capability, (v) EPC contractor expertise, (vi) Process development within corporate in-house R&D, (vii) Scale-up competentciesfromlab to commercial size, (vii) Processoptimization and debottleneckingskills.

B. Post-pilot phase – TechnicalFeasibilityand CostingStudy
i. Engineering (Systemization of Refinary and Integration) :This covers : (i) Site identification and conditions full study, (ii) Autorisations and permitsrequest, (iii) Mechanicalwork design, (iv) Energy section design, (v) Boiler design, (vi) Ethanol section design.
ii. Ethanol specificationdetails
iii. Existing utility and infrastructure details
iv. Liquid and gazeousemissionsstudy
v. Electricalsupplystudy
vi. Biomassstoragecapacitystudy
vii. Agricultural use of wastewater study

C. Business advisory services and market study: This component entails: (i) legal assistance for intellectual property protection, (ii) financial valuation of GEB, market study and financial model refining in anticipation of equity and debt closure, (iii) legal assistance to the sponsor in the negotiations with the lenders and equity investors and their legal advisors on the finance documents, (iv) review and negotiation of the terms of contracts with third parties in accordance to lenders’ requests, (iv) negotiate the term sheets of the senior and subordinated loans until signature, (v) assistance in fulfilling the conditions precedents to the first disbursement in so far as they relate to the finance documents, the project agreements and the corporate authorizations, (vi) analysis of optimal legal structuring options of GEB venture; and (vii) credit enhancement options.

D. Full Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA): This component includes (i) detailed base line surveys of the communities that the scale-up project will encompass and involve, and (ii) a full EIA.

4. Procurement of the services of Consultants will follow the Bank’s Rules of Procedure for the Use of Consultants (May 2008 Edition, revised in July 2012). Bidding documents are expected to be available in Late August 2015.

5. Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting:
18B Ogundana Street,
Off Allen Avenue
Ikeja, Lagos
Tel:+234 809-259-5073
Email: or


  1. Your activities are not well publicised as only Lagos and Abuja are probably given serious publicity.I have searched at no avail your presence in Benin City .

    • The Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a coalition of various organisations based in several cities across the nation including Benin City. The Alliance does not in anyway favour a particular city or state even though the secretariat is based in Abuja. Kindly register to become a partner on this link so you can be added to the mailing list and get updates immediately they are sent out.


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