1. Influence at least 1 policy of the Federal government of Nigeria-The Alliance will work on producing policy briefs based on findings of some researches,    develop a bill around the policy briefs, develop an advocacy plan around the bill produced and implement the plan. The Alliance will also work with National Environmental Regulatory and Enforcement Agency (NESREA) to develop regulations for cooking energy and enforcement for commercial cooking for food vendors/caterers.

2. Adopt and implement standard for biomass cookstoves  -The Alliance will follow up to ensure SON approves the standards. Work with SON and come up with an implementation plan for clean cookstoves produced locally or imported into Nigeria. Work with SON in establishing a second testing laboratory at the Sokoto Energy Research Centre, University of Sokoto and support SON on public awareness campaigns to communicate the contents and co-benefits of the standards to the general public.

3. Grow the volume of LPG and Liquid biofuel sold by partners– The Nigerian Alliance will increase awareness on the use of LPG and Biofuel. The Alliance will work with Gas4All programme on the proposed public awareness campaigns on LPG and initiate discussions between the Gas4All Programme and SON on establishment of an LPG cylinder certification/re-certification centre. The Alliance will also meet with biofuel partners and discuss piloting a project in Abuja.

4. Facilitate the dissemination of 2 million clean and efficient cookstovesThe Nigerian Alliance will facilitate the provision of financing for cookstoves enterprises and create more awareness on the need for clean cooking.

The Alliance will pay a visit to the Senate President and discuss proposals for supporting clean cookstoves SMEs to expand production. Explore opportunities for domestic funding of clean cookstoves with the Bank of Industry. Organise training program for clean cookstoves entrepreneurs; develop a business plan and an advocacy tool kit; organize a fund raising event and start developing/submitting project proposals. To further aid the awareness raising, the alliance will organize the Nigeria Clean Cooking Forum 2018, recruit a clean cooking ambassador, visit partners to have first hand information of their activities, produce the no smoke music, constantly update its website/facebook page and publication of monthly newsletter among others.