Strategic Action Plan for Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cooking

(January – December 2023)


Approximately 127 million people and more than 24 million households cook with inefficiently open fires in Nigeria. Open fire cooking method is a silent killer causing over 78,000 deaths in Nigeria annually. Nigeria records the highest number of smoke-related deaths in Africa. Smoke-related deaths kill more Nigerians than Malaria and HIV/AIDS. The lack of access to clean cooking is Nigeria’s silent energy crisis. Despite significant energy resource endowment, only 1 in 10 households in Nigeria cook with clean cooking energy sources and technologies, such as electricity, LPG, or improved biomass stoves. Dirty cooking is a big issue that is yet to be given due practical attention.

The widespread use of fuelwood for cooking in traditional three-stone stoves contributes to the loss of nearly 400,000 hectares of forests annually. Emissions from residential cooking represent about 55 million metric tonnes of CO2e and about 700,000 metric tonnes of PM2.5 emissions. Nigeria is eight (8) years away from the SEforAll target on clean cooking. Nigeria has only reached some 13-15% of the population with clean cooking.

Efficient and Clean Cookstoves are the solutions to the problem above. They save lives, empower communities, improve health, combat climate change, etc. Despite the benefits of clean cooking, the clean cooking sector is still bedeviled by a weak supply chain for both LPG and improved clean cooking stoves, inadequate demand especially at the poorest segment of the cooking energy market, increasing poverty levels, discouraging policy and institutional landscape evidenced by the government’s poor commitment to implementing policies that encourage private sector investment in the clean cooking sector.

The Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cooking is a public-private partnership that facilitates the growth of the clean cooking industry in Nigeria. The Nigerian Alliance seeks to expand access to clean cooking in Nigeria to save lives, empower women and communities, improve health, and combat climate change.

The Nigerian Alliance seeks to achieve these outcomes through the following activities:

  1. Foster an Enabling Environment: The Alliance engages with policymakers and other stakeholders to facilitate a policy landscape that is supportive of a thriving clean cooking energy market. It also works with research centers, stove companies, and the Standard Organization of Nigeria to ensure the development and enforcement of stove standards.
  2. Strengthen Supply: Create innovative distribution and financing models to strengthen the supply chain and build the capacity of local producers; and
  3. Enhance Demand: Understand and motivate potential users, develop appropriate technology, and provide consumer finance. Communicate the value of fuel-efficient and clean cookstoves at all levels.

The continuous advocacy of the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cooking and its alignment with the government’s emission reduction commitment has led to the inclusion of clean cooking as part of Nigeria’s NDC priority sectors, the development of a draft national clean cooking policy and the sustained conversation through various platforms on clean cooking sector growth.


By December 2023, the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cooking seeks to enhance the production, dissemination, and usage of 2 million clean and efficient cookstoves and fuel and facilitate a legislative framework for the promotion of clean cooking in Nigeria.

Specific targets are to:

  • Facilitate the development of a legislative framework for the promotion of clean cooking in Nigeria
  • Implement standards for biomass cookstoves
  • Grow the volume of LPG and Liquid biofuel sold by partners
  • Facilitate an inclusive dissemination of 2 million clean and efficient cookstoves


Fostering an Enabling Environment

  • Follow-up on outcomes of Nigeria Clean Cooking Forum 2022. The Nigerian Alliance will follow up on the activities below:
  • Support the development of an implementation plan/strategy for the draft National Clean Cooking Policy
  • Advocate for more state government to support and invest in clean cooking
  • Initiate discussion of how a holistic data collection system can be established for the sector
  • Initiate discussions with financial institutions so as to ensure adequate funding for manufacturers, distributors, and consumers.
  • Support the Presentation of a Draft National Clean Cooking Policy to NASS and FEC: The Nigerian Alliance will support advocacy towards presenting the draft National Clean Cooking Policy to the National Assembly (NASS) and Federal Executive Council (FEC) for approval.
  • Support the Development of a Legislative Framework for the National Assembly: The Alliance will support the process of drafting a clean cooking bill in Nigeria.
  • Nigeria Clean Cooking Forum 2023: A two-day Clean Cooking Forum will be held in 2023 to consult and commit key stakeholders to the goal of Clean Cooking Energy for All in Nigeria and support the legislative process for the promotion of clean cooking in Nigeria.
  • Establish a Private Sector Council on Clean Cooking: The Nigerian Alliance will work together with key stakeholders to convene a private sector council on clean cooking. The council will include key private sectors who will pledge their commitment to clean cooking solutions. The Nigerian Alliance will also solicit for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) resources to support energy access for those at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP).
  • Support the Development of an Implementation Plan for Biomass Standards: The Nigerian Alliance will work with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria and other key stakeholders to develop an implementation plan for the approved biomass standards.
  • Meetings: Hold quarterly meetings with partners, steering committee meetings, executive meetings, and field visits to partners to have firsthand information about their activities, understand their challenges, and advice on the way forward.


Strengthen Supply

  • Facilitate the provision of small grants for cookstoves/fuels enterprises: The Nigerian Alliance will facilitate the provision of small grants for small cookstoves enterprises and monitor the implementation of the grant. The award will be given to 5 cookstoves entrepreneurs. The grant will be awarded to efficient and clean cookstoves enterprises that have a stand-out business plan. This will be similar to the Youth Enterprises with Innovation (YouWin) in Nigeria program and the focus will be on local production.
  • Conduct entrepreneurship training on clean cookstoves/fuel: The Nigerian Alliance will conduct 3 entrepreneurship training in the country on producing and marketing efficient cookstoves.
  • Kick-start the Launch of a National Carbon Financing Programme: The Nigerian Alliance will start the process of launching a national carbon financing program that will support the growth of the clean cooking industries.


Enhance Demand

  • Produce a short documentary: The Nigerian Alliance will produce a short documentary on the progress and challenges in the clean cooking sector. At least 6 partners of Nigeria Alliance for Clean Cooking will be showcased in the documentary.
  • Raise awareness of the National Clean Cooking Policy to all stakeholders – Print fliers, etc.
  • Launch awareness campaign: The Nigerian Alliance will engage the services of a Behavioural Change Communication consultant to develop a communication/public awareness strategy, a workshop will be organized to validate the strategy and finally a public awareness campaign will be launched in 2nd quarter of 2023. The public awareness campaign will be done in partnership with a media organization and the short documentary produced will be used to aid the campaign.
  • Publication of Online Newsletter: The Nigerian Alliance will continue to publish its monthly newsletter to provide relevant information and aid awareness on clean cooking solutions in the country.
  • Partners’ Visit: This is crucial so as to have first-hand information about the activities of NACC partners.