The Solution – The Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Clean cookstoves save lives, money and our forests. So why doesn’t everyone have one?

A market failure – Despite the many benefits of clean cookstoves the market to supply them is undeveloped. This stems from both policy and market failures: a lack of education about the benefits of clean cookstoves, weak government policies, poor stove quality and insufficient access to finance.

The Plan

The Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves will build a public-private partnership to introduce 10 million fuel-efficient stoves to Nigerian homes and institutions by 2020.

Here’s how….

  1. Policy: Work with the Federal Government of Nigeria to develop policies to support the clean cookstove market.
  2. Quality Certification: Work with research centres, stove companies and the Standard Organisation of Nigeria to ensure that only high quality clean stoves are certified for the Nigerian market.
  3. Financing: Structure finance models so that Nigerians can afford to buy a clean cookstoves: microfinance; carbon finance; and corporate social responsibility finance.
  4. Advocacy: Communicate the value of fuel-efficient stoves at the grassroots. The alliance will work with the international clean cookstove community to take Nigeria’s lessons worldwide.

The Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves has been formed to understand why the fuel-efficient stove market is not working, and to solve it.