The Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves will build a public-private partnership to introduce 10 million fuel-efficient stoves to Nigerian homes and institutions by 2021.



To save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and combat climate change by creating a thriving national market for clean and efficient household and institutional cooking solutions.

Advisory Board

The Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves will be governed by an Advisory Board that is made up of top representatives of government from the energy, health, finance and environment sectors, as well as the international community, NGO community, among others. The Advisory Board’s purpose is to guide the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in all matters, including decisions related to its mission, programmatic focus, policies, funding, and growth.

Members of the Partnership Board are expected to bring a range of outside perspectives and experiences to help inform and enhance the Alliance’s strategic decision-making and implementation of its projects and programs.

While it is advisory, as with any Board of Directors, major actions and decisions of the Nigerian Alliance, including its significant initiatives, matters of governance, the nomination of additional Board members, organization, and budget, will be shared with the Advisory Board in a manner designed to allow discussion, comment, and serious input by the Board members.

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